Heart Health E-Book Guide

Here’s How You Can
PREVENT Heart Disease - Or even REVERSE Your Heart Disease!

FACT: 150 years ago heart disease was virtually unheard of. Today it is the #1 cause of death in America. It kills nearly 30% of us. In fact, it kills more women than all forms of cancer, chronic lung disease, pneumonia, AIDS, diabetes and accidents combined.

You don’t have to face this fate, if you let me show you the proven ways I’ve discovered to kiss heart disease goodbye.

These secrets to good heart health do NOT rely on prescription drugs and needless surgery — which is probably why you’ll never hear about them from conventional sources.

Today you’re going to learn how to reverse heart disease if you or a loved one already has it — or how to prevent it if you don’t. Without dangerous drugs or surgery.

Here’s what one recent reader has to say ...

"I developed angina pains, and couldn't walk more than a few hundred yards without pain. I went to a heart specialist who arranged a treadmill test, gave me nitroglycerin, and spoke of a probable stent. I immediately went home, scoured the internet, found Dr. Willix's book and bought it. I started taking CoQ10 and an intravenous chelation program. By the time I did the treadmill test three weeks later my angina pain was much less and the specialist recommended no stent at this stage. My angina pain has virutally disappeared after 10 weeks."

~ Jim T.
Wellington, New Zealand

I truly believe that “How to Prevent or Even Reverse Heart disease - Without Drugs or Surgery” will be the resource that saves thousands of lives — perhaps yours or that of a loved one. In it, you’ll learn:

  • Hands-down best way to detect heart disease BEFORE it happens to you, but your doctor will probably never tell you about it.

  • How raising your cholesterol can protect your heart.

  • People who drink this every day (not red wine) can reduce their risk of heart attack by 40% or more.

  • The best test for heart attack risk. Show this to your doctor ASAP.

  • If you don’t do this occasionally, you will double your chances of having a heart attack. Best of all, it doesn’t cost you a cent.

  • Why this telling indicator of heart disease risk is often ignored by conventional doctors — yet is so easy to reverse with a safe, natural mineral.

  • Considering angioplasty with ‘Stents?’ What your doctor will never tell you!

  • If you or a loved one has ever had a heart attack, chances are the hospital never gave you this critical information. Here’s what you need now — and how to get it.

  • Why taking an aspirin-a-day can actually give you a stroke!

  • Are you taking the one simple amino acid that helps restore normal blood pressure, relieve angina and open clogged arteries? Most people have never even heard of it!

This is the kind of “secret” information that the mainstream medical establishment hopes you never find out about. To them, you’re nothing more than a source of income. But now you’ll know!

There are secrets that mainstream medicine and the big pharmaceutical companies hope you never hear about. You won’t get this information from any news report or even from your own doctor — but it could easily save your life or the life of a loved one.

I want to share these secret cures and legendary solutions to total, natural health and longevity — without you having to travel to any clinic. You can discover all of these potential life-savers in a brand new 200-page Special Report ( Currently only Available as an E-BOOK ) just written entitled: “How to Prevent or Even Reverse Heart Disease - Without Drugs or Surgery!”

Live better and Longer with a Healthy Heart;