June 29, 2011

Heart Disease Is Artherosclerosis

Heart Disease is caused by many factors, but Artherosclerosis is what we should all be concerned with! Your Arteries and Blood vessel walls is where it will begin to form, but you might not know about it until it is too late.

A split or tear in the wall lining of your Blood Vessels (which can be caused by High Blood Pressure) can happen due to increased risk from your lifestyle habits, eating habits and more. Constant stretching of the wall lining is caused by constant High Blood Pressure over a long period of time, which will eventually weaken them, increasing your Heart Disease Risk massively.

When a wall lining tears, it allows this Plaque to form behind the wall lining as the blood flows through and the fats and crap (mostly Cholesterol) become attached or stuck. Over time this plaque will build up and start restricting the amount of blood flowing through. When you get to this stage, you could be in serious trouble.

Heart Disease - Silent But Deadly

After many years of your Cardiovascular Disease (Artherosclerosis) forming and growing silently without your knowledge, your blood vessel linings will become very weak and your risk of this Plaque (Artherosclerosis) multiplying is increased dramatically. The linings are very elastic and the constant intense expanding and shrinking of your blood vessels does not allow them to shrink properly and it overstretches them.

This plaque forms and hardens over time and there are no symptoms or signs to let you know that it is actually happening until a Cardiovascular Event occurs (Heart Attack, Stroke)! This event you might survive, but for many the only sign of a problem is when it actually happens, and they do not survive. This is why Heart Disease is called the "Silent Killer"!

High Cholesterol (Most Important) and being Overweight is a Dangerous combination as both are associated with High Blood Pressure which is bad for your Blood Vessel Wall Linings. A rip or tear can be a quick one way ticket to a Heart Attack and not Surviving.

Heart Disease - What Can You Do?

* Learn -You can learn how to buy, prepare and eat a Cardio-Healthy Diet which can lower your Blood Pressure and will also help your Heart.

* Cardio-Protective Food - You can learn about good foods for your Heart and then have a close look at the foods you currently consume, and then establish how good or bad they really are for you. Make changes in your diet if you have to, it is not that difficult.

* Heart Health Attitude - Cardiovascular Disease is silent and creeps up on you. This is because you cannot "see it", you cannot "feel it", you get no sign or symptom that appears until it is way too late!

* Your Mental Attitude - If you truly want to reduce your Heart Disease risk, your mental attitude and how you logically approach the issue is the most important.When a logical thinking human cannot see something, feel it, smell it or hear it,the brain finds it hard to comprehend.

Remember this, Heart Disease or Cardiovascular Disease is a "Silent Killer"! When we are ill or suffering from a cold or flu, we are constantly reminded of the fact by feeling like crap, blocked and runny nose and so on. Cardiovascular Disease is different, there is nothing to constantly remind us.

Heart Disease needs to be a long term commitment which is hard for the human brain to fathom, and you must overcome this if you want Good Heart Health now, and in the future.

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