July 07, 2011

Heart Disease Risk - Simple Things You Can Do

There are some easy and simple things You can do to help reduce your Heart Disease Risk and may be a lot easier than you actually think. A lot of small and basic changes to your lifestyle can add up over time and make a significant difference to your Heart Health.

  • If you can break some of your bad eating habits this will be hugely helpful in the long run. Nearly all us know there are foods we eat that are bad for us, but cannot help ourselves.
  • Removing any unhealthy food from your diet and replacing it with a healthier alternative is an easy option, but if this is too hard, at least reduce the amount of that unhealthy food item.
  • Eating a healthier diet will help achieve the most improvement in your Heart Health. It may take a little longer this way, but if you only remove very small bad food items one at a time, it will be a lot easier to be successful.
  • We all know that Physical Activity is good for us and good for our Heart Health. If you increase how much activity you do each day and slowly build up more, you will reduce your Heart Disease Risk dramatically.
  • Start increasing your Physical Activity slowly as too much too quickly is not good for your Heart if you are not used to exercising. Also, if you do too much you will get sore muscles, cramps and overall pain which can be an excuse to stop you keeping up your new exercise regime.
  • Cholesterol is a huge factor in Cardiovascular Disease and learning about it is very important as cholesterol can be controlled quite easily and significantly reduce your risk.
  • High Blood Pressure is very bad for you, we all know this, but do you know WHY? The constant pressure can weaken your Blood Vessel Wall Linings, the lining rips or tears and gives the cholesterol and fats a chance to anchor themselves, grow into a Plaque and eventually block up your Arteries.
  • Find out as much as you can about reducing your High Blood Pressure and start, your risk will be reduced massively by easily stopping one of the main causes of Cardiovascular Disease.
  • High Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure are the two most critical issues of Heart Disease you should be concerned about, and seriously needs to be attended to reasonably quickly.

Reducing Heart Disease Risk

These are some of the many simple things you can do to reduce your risk, but you will need to make a commitment to yourself to follow through with any plan to improve your Heart Health. The deadliest part about Cardiovascular Disease is the fact that it happens over many, many years, and usually shows no signs or symptoms until it is too late.

If you try to do as much as you can to improve your Heart Health, it may not show the benefits on the outside but the benefits for your inside health will be huge. This is why Heart Disease can be hard to comprehend, we cannot feel it, or see it and that is why it is called the "Silent Killer"!

High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol are your worst enemy and you need to do something about it (even if you cannot see it, feel it or know about it)! Heart Disease is a serious problem which can and will "Kill You", so don't take any chances or gamble with your life, you will Lose!

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