July 06, 2011

Heart Disease

Heart Disease: 90% of all Heart Attack victims are reported to have had a "Massive and Sudden Heart Attack", this is as far from the Truth as you can get. Cardiovascular Disease is not something that happens suddenly, it is an accumulative and progressive condition over many years.

Most people in their early twenties will have several symptoms of the cause of Cardiovascular Disease and it will slowly get worse, without showing any signs of Heart Disease until it is far too late. This is why it is known as the "Silent Killer" and is the No. 1 killer of Australian adults and pretty much the same for all adults over the world.

Cardiovascular Disease can be hard to comprehend because we cannot see, feel or touch it. We do not get many signals until it has done a lot of damage and can be hard or impossible to rectify the problem once it has gone too far. A major problem is the lack of knowledge or proper education, or the methods used to provide this information to the public are inadequate.

Heart Disease is not usually spoken about before it happens, the average person does not know a lot about it until a doctor or specialist explains it to them properly. We seem to concentrate on treating the symptoms but not how we can prevent it happening at all. We all need to know about how to improve our personal Heart Health.

Heart Disease - The False Statistics

While the Death Rates caused by Cardiovascular Disease have been going down for many years, they have now stopped going down, but when you match it with other important statistics it is not as good as it seems. Even though the Death Rates have gone down, the number of people living with Heart Disease is growing all the time and is still growing quickly.

The Death Rate is expected to start rising again soon and with more and more people suffering from Cardiovascular Disease, this is not a good picture for our future health and is downright scary. This can be fuelled by several different factors;
  • A growing and aging population
  • A massive increase of overweight and obese people
  • An alarming increase in the number of people suffering with Diabetes
  • Diabetes is a huge factor of concern in Heart Disease
  • The quality of our Food Supply

 A healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle is vital to prevent this silent but deadly disease from restricting your lifestyle or actually taking your life. Heart Disease is not something to be taken lightly, but many people ignore it because it will never happen to them, don't become a STATISTIC!

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